January 1, 2014

another picture from last night. because i loved it. and i love this dog. yeah i know shes huge.
i am the biggest list writer you’ve ever met. i have loads of notebooks full of them. things to do, things to try, songs i like, future children’s names. it’s ridiculous, yet soothing. it calms me i guess. the thought of making a list of resolutions excites me. although, i realize as i get older how hard it is to accomplish things i want to do, there’s always something else to do, or i’m tired and put it off until later. and then before you know it you blink and it’s the start of a new year. i think hard work is important. getting things done and feeling accomplished is one of the greatest feelings. i like fresh starts. they motivate me, and inspire me to become who i want to be. so here’s to 2014, and everything i hope to will accomplish this year.
01| complete more things.
02| keep up with this blog.
03| grow.
04| learn how to cook. & cook often.
05| take more pictures with my parents.
06| go on more hikes.
07| save my money.
08| road trip.
09| visit my family in florida.
10| write more letters.
11| read more books.
12| learn.
13| try something new.
14| run more. run a 5k.
15| watch more old movies.
16| be on my phone less.
17| work hard.