rivers + jett

August 19, 2015

i remember the first time i came to their house to babysit, jett was four months old and couldn’t even walk, and rivers was only crawling and just learning how to say a few words. now they are three & four! where does the time go!? they have shown me a glimpse of what being a mom will be like one day, i never thought that the words “no you cannot bring dog poop into the house”, would ever come out of my mouth. we’ve been on so many adventures together, i’ve watched them grow, chased them around the living room probably a million times, and open countless packs of fruit snacks. i honestly don’t know what i would do without them, even though they’re small they have touched my life in such a huge way.
i have a picture like this from each year, you can see last years here, i can’t believe how much older they look now!

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