some tuesday rambles

April 29, 2015

hello friends! sorry i haven’t been around here in awhile, did you miss me? i’ve missed you. i love sharing words and photos on this space, sometimes life just gets a little hectic and it’s hard for me to find time to blog. things are slowly starting to get more calm though, so you’ll be seeing more of me soon. pinky promise!  i took over at work and became head teacher, so my hours got longer (but my pay went up! so trust me, i’m not complaining too much). but there has been a lot more extra responsibility tacked onto my plate so it’s taken up a bit of my time.

only three more weeks left and my classes are done for the summer (can i get an amen)! but that means finals.. and we all know how fun those are. i currently have a project due this week that I’ve barely even started. oops. there’s also been a few personal things i’ve been dealing with, some of which i plan on sharing with you someday, but for right now they are going to stay private.  i spent a much needed weekend relaxing at my cousin’s house, we ate good food, sipped wine, watched the rain fall, and snuggled her puppies. then came home to an evening spent in my cul-de-sac riding skateboards as the sun was setting with my favorite little kids. it brought me back to when i was their age riding bikes with my neighbors in the very same street. sometimes i forget to just slow down and breathe, and let me tell you guys, breathing is important.    oh! and speaking of puppies, it was my moms birthday last week and we got her a puppy! he’s a long haired dachshund and just about the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. and for real, holding this little guy is probably better than therapy.   thanks for sticking around!