stormy weather

March 13, 2017

i wasn’t joking when i said i hadn’t seen the sun in months. i thought moving to the beach would mean that i would be tan all year round, and would never have to wear a jacket. Ha! boy was i wrong. it’s rained more than i’ve ever seen in my whole life! i kept joking that the world was coming to an end, i mean, the bible says there will be flooding.. and there was flooding alright. but, i’m really not complaining, cause although i am happy it’s starting to warm up, i really do love rainy weather. one day right as a storm was rolling in, chloe and i walked along the beach, and it was one of the prettiest sights i’ve seen in awhile. the waves were HUGE, and even though it was extremely windy it oddly still felt so quiet and still. it was super hard for me moving to the beach, but it has grown on me more than i ever thought it could. i am so blessed to live in this place.

One thought on “stormy weather

  1. deborah

    Awesome pictures.. love the black and white.
    Also the palm trees with stormy weather instead of blue skies….

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