sunday best

August 17, 2015

shirt// hat//

this morning Sammi and I drove up to a campground a few miles passed my town, we took a short hike up to a waterfall, where we sat and ate a small snack and we did a devotion. it was a great start to my morning, despite my next sentence it actually ended up being a pretty lazy day, hence the reason for yoga pants and my new favorite hat. and this shirt! it couldn’t be more appropriate, i rarely ever get enough sleep these days, and lately i seem to be non stop moving, so i wear it loud and proud. i may or may not own it in three different styles, you seriously go check out top knot goods.
these are such good bars! i’m usually not a bar kind of person, but i’ll eat one of these for breakfast or just a snack in the middle of the day. i mean there’s chocolate in it so of course it’s good. i love when i have peaceful and relaxing weekends, i hope you are enjoying yours!