side of the road sunset

June 8, 2016

you know you are true friends when the first time you hung out you got in a little fender bender on the freeway and had to calm each other down, you’ve survived countless boring staff meetings (and been yelled at, at a few), and gone on so many spur of the moment adventures together. oh and ’cause of that one time i waited with her until her husband got home so she wouldn’t have to sleep on the front porch (like she was going to) because she was locked out of her house. but seriously, she calls me up and decides we are going to drive to the middle of nowhere, with no service, to take sunset pictures on the side of a road.. how could i say no to that!?my outfit|
shirt// cotton on
shorts// forever 21
hat// target
boots// boot barn
necklace// forever 21

meg’s outfit|
dress(old)// target(similar)
jacket// forever 21
hat// urban(sold out) (super similar one from target)

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