taking a photo

July 28, 2015

i came across this quote the other day, “we take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”. kind of powerful isn’t it? some people roll their eyes at me, “you take so many pictures”, is there even such thing? i hope not. i will admit my cell phone may have a useless amount of screen shots and pictures of my food, but there’s also so many i will hold onto for forever. i could never have enough pictures of my family; captured growth of the little ones, moments of (rare) togetherness, the celebrations, and even the sorrows. they are something to look back on, something to hold onto, something to cherish and a way to remember a time in your life. i love looking through albums filled with black and white photographs of my grandparents/great grand parents, seeing who i look like, where i come from, and how things used to be. i don’t think we realize how much feeling one picture can hold. not only do i love snapping shots of the people i love and care about, it’s also one of my favorite things to take pictures of the world around me, it’s a neat way to hold on to everywhere i’ve been. i want my great grandchildren to look back at photos i took and want to become adventurers and see as much as the earth as they can. as much as i am infatuated with this little town that i will always call my home, i long for all the different places my feet can wander. i think there is(are) a(some) new destination(s) in my future. can’t wait to see where the wind blows me.

2 thoughts on “taking a photo

  1. Christine

    Such an awesome quote! I agree, I love looking through old family photo albums. I need to start printing more of my photos or using more film. I want my kids to have actual photo albums to look through one day!

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