July 7, 2014

making| a list of what to pack for Florida. 

cooking| meatball sandwiches.
drinking| lots of water, keeping myself hydrated. 
reading| the happiness project.
wanting| to figure out my next step. 
looking| at tiny (neighbor) baby toes.
playing| chris young songs.
wishing| that i was back at lake mead.
enjoying| good friends.
wondering| about the future. always.
loving| myself.
hoping| to start running more.
needing| a target run.
smelling| sunscreen.
wearing| as little as possible.
following| God.
noticing| I have a lot of people who love me.
thinking| about all the possibilities. 
feeling| happy.
bookmarking| things about nashville. & running routines.
laughing| at the mr. cranky pants I’m babysitting.