May 4, 2014

there has been such pretty lilacs blooming all over my little town. purple petals everywhere. I never want them to leave. 
making| art, i’ve been trying to paint more & more lately. maybe i’ll share soon.

cooking| no guilt french fries. maybe the best thing i’ve ever eaten.
drinking| fresh cranberry juice.
reading| i just ordered this book & i am itching for it to get here, i hate being in between books.  
wanting| a warm spring rainstorm. 
looking| at old sketches and paintings of mine.
playing| old i love lucy episodes on repeat.
wishing| for lots of camping trips.
enjoying| warmer evenings.
wondering| what color to paint my nails.
loving| the idea of summer night camp fires.
hoping| for the wind to stop.
marveling| at my sister’s sweet new baby boy.
needing| a palm springs trip.
smelling| the beautiful flowers Chase pulled over and picked me on our drive home yesterday.
wearing| pajamas.
following| my dreams. always.
noticing| that i need to hang more things on my walls.
thinking| constantly, about everything.
feeling| loved.
bookmarking| recipes.
laughing| at pictures of my preschool class.
feeling| relaxed.