what’s in my target cart

September 29, 2016

i’m embarrassed to admit how often i go to target, sometimes i go and don’t even buy anything. i know, i know, ridiculous. but can you blame me? it just has some of the most PERFECT finds, especially now that everything is fall, i can’t seem to stop throwing things in the cart. i decided why not put my target trips to good use and share them with you.
01/ this goat salt shaker, i don’t think i’ve ever mentioned it before, but my favorite animal is a goat. i don’t really have a specific reason, but they are just so cute! i saw this and couldn’t resist, plus we didn’t have a salt shaker.
02/ apple pie hand towel, i actually bought this to hang on the wall in my kitchen, it’s such a cute way to add fall to my apartment and has an actual recipe on it that i’m going to try!
03/ my mug obsession is a little out of hand, but i actually use each one i buy, so i justify it. anyway, what sold me on this one is that it double as a bowl! who doesn’t love a bowl of coffee?
04/ a majority of the things i own are black, white, and earth tones, so i neeeeeeded this one.
05/ this one is actually my roommates but.. whats mine is yours, right chloe?
06/ this is honestly the best smelling soap you will ever smell. not kidding. i just love fall so much you guys, why can’t it always be fall?
07/ run, this pillow is on sale! seriously, i’ve decided fall is my favorite color.
08/ oh and that’s a peach that i bought, probably the only realistic thing i purchased.. and it looked good in the picture. ha!

3 thoughts on “what’s in my target cart

  1. Granma

    Coming soon to your mail box, an alternative to Target (I can never find what I want there), well almost.

    Sorry we couldn’t get together for lunch. You’ve started work and we’re gone by the weekend. 🙁

    Actually, I don’t know what I’m doing, so I hope you see this.

    Love you, Granma

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