January 17, 2014

(for the last few days i’ve been so sick. yet so busy. i feel like i haven’t stopped moving, that’s probably why it’s taking me so long to get better. anyway.)

on tuesday evening this little boy i babysit was kicked by a horse in the head and chest. he was rushed to the hospital and things did not look good. he has a fractured skull and broken ribs. there was bleeding in his skull and a ct scan that showed that there was a hole in his abdomen and his intestines were moving away from their rightful place in his body. with prayer, the next morning his insides were completely healed (aside from his ribs) and there was no need for surgery. however he’s still in a lot of pain and they are monitoring his head to make sure the bleeding doesn’t start up again. i went to visit him today, he is doing real well and will get to go home very soon. i’m so thankful he’s alright. he’s one of the most kindhearted, adventurous, well behaved boys i’ve ever been around. i’m so lucky i get to be a part of his life.