the sights we’ve seen

January 7, 2015





and by “we” I mean me & my hat. I’m a pretty sentimental person, I have a box of keepsakes under my bed, few of the items would probably have no meaning to most, but to me, they are some of my most precious treasures. a hat seems like a funny thing to be attached to, and although it hasn’t been in my life that long, it’s been to six different states with me, on the tops of lots of tall mountains, it’s floated on my head down the river, it’s been to the beach, on bike rides, jeep rides, almost flown out my car window.. twice, it’s been on the heads of my loved ones, and has covered up many of my bad hair days. I love this hat, and the places we’ve been.

2 thoughts on “the sights we’ve seen

  1. Kayla Clark

    you capture the magic and mystery of the mountains in your photographs, in a way that i have never seen before. i just spent the last 20 minutes pouring over your posts, and i am so excited to follow along! xo

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