overheard// boys i babysit

January 19, 2016

“no he hasn’t yet because he has strong balls” Rivers (four years old) referring to why his snowman hasn’t melted yet.

“i can’t wear them! they are just tooooo soft!!” Jett (three years old) talking about his underwear..

“i don’t like your girl sips. so now you need to give me a brand new cup, and don’t just pretend you’re getting a new one for me like last time” Rivers after I took a sip of his juice

“Jett! i tell you all the time that 10 is the last number!” Rivers correcting Jett when he counts “1, 3, 2, 5, 10, 4..”

“it’s the puppy’s fault, he did all the bad stuff” Jett blaming his stuffed animal for ruining Rivers’ tower.

“Jett! then just don’t play with your puppy like that, you always make him do bad things like eat butter and throw things in the toilet!” Rivers’ response to Jett blaming his puppy.

“i had a dream last night that you wouldn’t let me have potatoes” Rivers explaining why he’s mad at me. i probably wouldn’t share..

“bye poop! haha! the poop said ‘ahh where did i go, it’s dark now’ haha!” Jett while flushing the toilet.

“i’m going to be your boyfriend when i become a little man, and then i’ll live at your house and protect you from zombies” Rivers telling me that he’s going to marry me

“i’m just a grown up now, you don’t have to watch me. and i won’t hurt Lola” Jett explaining that he doesn’t need a babysitter and he won’t hit the dog for the sixth time today

“aren’t you going to take a picture of your food again, Lala?” Rivers observing the fact that i take pictures of my meals, and forgot to this time.

“poop head is the best word!” Jett after i told him to stop calling rivers names

“well Jett, you are just a poop face, that’s worse than just poop on your head” Rivers come back.

“if you don’t let me have fruit snacks, the puppy will pee in your shoe” Jett demanding a second pack of fruit snacks.

“ew! don’t sneeze some snot on me!” Rivers to Jett after he sneezed

“if you think hard enough i might disappear” Rivers saying hes a magician