thirty two things that make me happy.

April 4, 2014

I saw this little tag of sorts going around, tags that involve making lists are my favorite (I love lists). lately I feel like I’ve been focusing a lot more on the negative things rather than looking at the positive. which is usually unlike me, I’m typically a very optimistic person (unless I’m being dramatic) so I thought that sitting down and making myself think of things that make me happy was a good way to help me start focusing on the positive again. so in no particular order..

01. sunflowers. how can you look at them and not be happy.
02. psych (the tv show).
03. when it pours in the summer. & the smell afterwards.
04. white cheddar popcorn.
05. painting.
06. camp fires.
07. friends turned family.
08. cleaning my room.
09. writing lists.
10. going on hikes.
11. waterfalls.
12. vacations, namely camping ones.
13. long car rides.
14. being barefoot.
15. hand written letters.
16. scrolling through pinterest.

17. summer (country) concerts. & the tailgating.

18. twenty-five days of christmas.
19. the feeling when the air conditioner turns off when you’re cold.
20. spontaneous adventures.
21. family, friends & everyone who has a place in my heart.
22. just because acts of love. it’s nice to be reminded you’re loved and cared about.
23. conversations with children. particularly this one (and her siblings).
24. my dogs. they’re basically humans, and definitely a part of our family.

25. where I grew up. the home, the town, the street, the neighbors, the memories. it has a huge piece of my heart.

26. sunshine. & just being outside.
27. working hard. & people who work hard.
28. gardens.
29. the river. & the sunsets there.
30. daddy child relationships. they melt my heart.
31. cowboy boots.
32. day dreaming about the future.