time well wasted

July 21, 2015

ever since i was eight months old every summer and/or beginning of fall, we’ve vacationed at this spot along the river. i have the fondest memories of this place, i grew up here, it’s my second home. my mom was visiting my aunt and cousins in florida so my dad decided to take my brother and i, along with my friend sammi for a little weekend vacation, it was tons of fun and coming home a few shades darker was a plus. i tried to convince my dad to buy this house as a vacation home, but he wouldn’t go for it.every night we take a bike ride around the campground in search of donkeys, and nine times out of ten we are successful. over the coarse of twenty-two years we’ve seen burrows, scorpions, tarantulas, owls, a couple of racoons swimming in the water, and one time we witnessed a snake jump out of a bush and grab a bird out of the air.my brother showing off. he’s actually pretty skilled though, he and i both were in gymnastics for about five years.ith 4 presetfunny story, on this bike ride, apparently our bike tires got really hot over the weekend, because they exploded! one full on popped as sammi was riding it, scared this poor old man who was wiping down his boat. it was pretty funny though. we had to walk back barefoot on gravel that had the sun beating down on it all day, so that was fun, at least we found some donkeys.