twenty facts.

January 25, 2014

01| people never guess my age right. i’m almost 21, and i get asked if i’m 15-17 all the time. some keep saying i’ll like that one day.. that day hasn’t come yet. 02| my biggest fear in life is not being able to have children, and having an unsuccessful marriage.  03| i love to camp. i would love to travel the world. campsite, to campsite. or wherever i can pitch a tent. 04| i’m the combination of an ocd perfectionist and a scatterbrained procrastinator. 05| i want a ranch/farm one day. really bad. 06| i was almost kidnapped once as a child. 07| i wish i could live off of white cheddar popcorn and chips & salsa. 08| i don’t like being so skinny/tiny. & i hate when people remind me that i am. 09| i wish my voice was raspy. 10| i’ve never really known what i want to do when i grow up. except that i want to be a mom. 11| i can fall asleep anywhere. 12| i try to always be positive. life is better that way. 13| i have pretty bad scoliosis. my neighbor (in a nice way) calls me ‘squiggle’ cause of it. 14| i love mud. and sunflowers. 15| i’m a lover. i have a big heart. just ask my mama. 16| my favorite color changes weekly. so does my signature. 17| i say ‘what is life?’ about fifteen plus times a day. 18| i’m terrible with directions. which way is north? i don’t know either. 19| i don’t want to live in california forever. but i do love the town i grew up in. 20| when i was younger the thought of growing up made me want to cry and although i still miss every bit of innocence that was my childhood, i’m excited of the next chapters in my life.