twenty things I’ve learned in twenty years.

May 21, 2014

when I say “learned”, it doesn’t mean I’m still not learning these (and new things) everyday and struggling to remember to live by what I’ve learned. 

01. your mom is always, always right. (and your dad can be too 😉

02. stand up for yourself always. never let anyone control who you are. & you’re in charge of your own happiness. choose to be happy.
03. hard work is always rewarding. 
04. spending your time doing things that make you happy is the best thing you can do for yourself.
05. staying positive is always best. rid yourself of all negativity. 
06. sometimes you just need pancakes for dinner. or any breakfast food. (best advice I ever got)
07. if you want to do it, do it. (and don’t wait)
08. life is just better on vacation. 
09. make sure to always carry extra deodorant in your car. 
10. there’s nothing wrong with liking the music (and everything else) you like. 
11. being barefoot makes you feel free. and just over all better.
12. it’s not bad waking up early. ever.
13. save, save, save your money. 
14. it’s okay to have alone time. 
15. never hide from anything. 
16. hand made things are the best things. 
17. time is a precious. don’t ever waste it.
18. don’t take life too seriously. worrying is never gets you anywhere. 
19. you can never have enough white cheddar popcorn. or peppermint patties. 
20. learn how to cook. and bake. oh and always make your bed. 

(oh, & I do know that I’m 21, I just haven’t been for a full year yet.)