up in the air.

July 24, 2014

there’s something about being up there among the clouds, the view is always unreal and I feel so special to be able to witness the clouds from such a (up close and) personal level. when you’re stuck on a plane for five hours there’s not a lot you can do, so my time up there consisted of listening to music and lots of thinking. things have changed in my life lately, but I’m using those changes to push me forward and do things that make me happy. to grow (up) and to change myself in ways that I need to. I’m excited for this journey, I’ve been enjoying it so far. Everything about the future still might be up in the air, but I can’t wait to see what else is in store and share it all with you along the way. I’m really proud of where I’m going, and I’m so thankful for every experience in my life that brought me here to where I am today.