elmer’s bottle tree ranch

February 1, 2016

the other day after work my friend megan and i decided to take a little adventure and go visit this bottle ranch we heard about. it was such a cute little place, especially for taking photos. the owner told us stories about how he would collect these old bottles with his dad when he was a little kid and has been “growing” his bottle garden for over fifteen years. he has had people from all over the world come to visit, just that morning there was a couple from singapore that stopped by. the sun was shining so pretty through the glass, we both couldn’t stop taking pictures. it was the best spontaneous little trip.  he also had this old willy’s jeep that was so cool. i wanted to take it home with me. so did megan’s husband. but sadly, it stayed put. but we made sure to take lots of pictures so we could always remember it.

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