ringing in the new year

January 4, 2016

two thousand sixteen! dang. i remember when that year sounded so far in the future. now it’s here and i’m beyond ready for it. i spent my time ringing in the new year playing board games and just dance with my family, taking fun photo booth pictures, and eating the most delicious baked potatoes in all the land.
this year i wanted the night to seem a little more festive, so i added some silver and gold streamers that i found at target and taped them up behind the food. along with that i threw some (store bought and hand made) confetti on the table which really made it seem a little more put together and new years-y. i also put all the toppings into glass bowls to give it a clean, simple look, and i love how it turned out. not pictured is numerous amounts of silver and gold balloons taped to the ceiling, i was going to put confetti in each one so we could pop them at midnight, buuuut i forgot.
this photobooth was seriously the best idea! it was so much fun and gave us something else to do while waiting for the clock to strike twelve. the back drop is just a dark grey flannel sheet that i bought, also at target (i really love that place). i just pinned that up in a corner of my house then added some fun decorations to make it not so plain. the small circle garland is from, you guessed it, target. but the large spiral ribbons were left over christmas decorations from a friend’s work. we went out and got necklaces and noise makers from party city, and these star chalkboards were found at michael’s. it was a super simple way to make new years feel more special, and (besides the sheet) all of it cost less than forty dollars.  cheers! this year is going to rock.