weekly walks

December 29, 2014








few things bring me greater joy than the sight of this. mountains and trees, being surrounded by them could never get old. my mind is always wandering, (sometimes about the present, but) mostly about the future. I picture myself adventuring through every forest, and conquering every mountain one by one. then I dream about adding a family into the mix, hopping in the car and seeing where the road would like to take us. I picture a cabin tucked back in the woods, a fire in the fire place, snow falling outside our window, surrounded by the cuddles of my children and a husbands hand to hold. I can’t wait until all my dreams come true.

2 thoughts on “weekly walks

  1. J U L I A

    such dreamy words and pictures!! that sounds absolutely wonderful. i have a similar dream, but to live in a little cottage by the sea. thanks so much for sharing these lovely pictures. hope you’re enjoying the holidays! xx

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