weekly walks

March 16, 2015

let me tell you a little story about this cabin. I knew it existed, and I knew the trail it was on, or so I thought. a few weekends ago we searched for the cabin but couldn’t find it, we probably walked four miles before we decided to turn around, the path didn’t seem to be leading us anywhere. we were determined to find this place though, so we tried again, and this time we were successful! turns out there’s a hidden trail, off the first trail, behind a few fallen trees. an old man built this house to live in so he could be close to the mines he worked in. there’s some old tools left inside and a pretty rock fire place. I wish I could see what it used to look like back in the day.

4 thoughts on “weekly walks

  1. Dyllie

    That’s cool! Where did you find that place? We were looking for a cabin we heard about in Big Bear that some random guy told us about. Couldn’t find it though.

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