weekly walks

May 11, 2015

     we decided to go for a small drive before our hike, to these tunnels up the mountain a ways. as we walked on the side underneath the tunnel about ten motorcycles out on a Sunday cruise drove through, it was probably one of the loudest noises I’ve ever experience. I was slightly terrified.   a few seconds after we made it back out of the darkness, the sound of sirens filled the air, I was silently cheering at the fact that I wasn’t in the tunnel anymore as several cop cars and ambulances drove passed, just imagining the sound makes me cringe. we had to follow the commotion to make it back to our trail head.    I guess there was some sort of accident because we were stopped along the mountain side by a helicopter blocking the road. we watched as they carried a man inside then took off above the trees. I suggested we cheer for the paramedics, but nobody thought that was a good idea, haha. after about twenty minutes we were on the trail headed for the mines, we hiked up and ran down. just what I needed to kick off the week.