weekly walks

July 20, 2015

our poor town has taken a beating over the last couple days, but watching how we’ve all pull together as a community has been so refreshing. on friday afternoon a fire broke out, it burned 4500 acres, and unfortunately caught fifteen structures on fire, along with multiple vehicles on the freeway. several houses were evacuated and the freeway was shut down all day. later that night a second fire started on the mountain right across the highway from my home, it was pretty scary seeing flames from my bedroom window, but firefighters assured us that the wind was blowing it in the opposite direction and would not reach our home. as much as we are sad that a couple hundred acres of our pretty forest burned, we are so thankful to all the firefighters who bravely stayed awake all night to make sure our town was safe. both fires still aren’t completely out, but they are under control. on satuday, it started to pour and it didn’t stop until late sunday night, i don’t think i’ve ever seen it rain so hard in my whole life, at least for that long. roads flooded, washes over flowed, and even a couple trees were swept away; they weren’t kidding when they said flash flood warning. this morning i took the boys i babysit out to check out the conditions of some of the roads (and jump in every puddle), there was about a foot of mud/dirt/rocks covering the street, they had to close the road until a tractor came to start clearing it out. this was one of the better parts of town, one wash took out a whole bridge. pretty crazy, but the rain was a blessing, and despite it being a little hard to get around, we all loved it.