we’ll party all the way to the river bank

November 5, 2015

every single year of my life i have stayed at the river at least once, and a majority of those stays have been at echo lodge. i know the campground like the back of my hand and have loads and loads of memories of this place that not much could beat. a part of me grew up here at the river and it will forever be one of my favorite vacation spots and last weekend just proved why i love it here. my family’s motto is “there’s never a dull moment”, i laugh every time i think about how true that statement is. on this trip alone we survived a wind storm, were attacked by a bird, and my mom flew six feet in the air off a tube and landed face first on the water (she is okay and wins for the best wipe out ever). oh yeah, and we made a ton of donkey friends. i made the mistake of feeding one right outside our motor-home, and each night he came back wanting more and was pretty persistent about it. he was just too cute i couldn’t say no. there’s usually a few donkey sightings each trip but it has never been like this, at one point we were face to face with thirteen at once! they are super friendly though and let you pet them, i’m pretty bummed i didn’t get to ride one though. i’m in love with every type of tree there is, but pine trees and palm trees are at the very top of my list, lucky for me the palm tree game at the river is strong. recently i’ve made it a tradition to strike a pose along side one. don’t act like you don’t do it too. i think this is the most normal one i’ve taken yet.yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirates life for me. since our old favorite food place closed down, we had to find a new lunch spot along the river.  i’ve eaten here about seven or eight times, and i can still never remember if it’s called pirates den, or pirates cove. either way they have funny tasting water but the most delicious fries you’ve ever tasted, and the burgers are really good too. sick of palm tree photos yet? nope? good. this was otis’ first ever trip out to the river, and he drove those two hundred plus miles like a champ. on our way home, sammi and i drove through the middle of the night, we were kept awake by gas station coffee and christmas music (halloween is over guys, time to break out those christmas decorations).