snow day!

January 8, 2016

when i was little there would be some mornings where we would wake up to over four feet of snow in our front yard. it was the most exciting thing in the world. school would be canceled, which meant the day would be spent sledding down the cul-de-sac with our neighbors until our fingers were frozen. some of my favorite memories were spent in the snow, building a huge fort under a fallen tree, seeing how many of us could fit on a sled at one time, having multi-family snow ball fights, pulling each other on sleds behind the car, and just snuggling up inside, exhausted after a day well spent. there hasn’t been a good snow day in a really long time, we’ll get a few inches here and there, but nothing like we used to. however, good old El Nino showed us what’s up and dumped a good foot of snow in our town the other day. still not as much as in the past, but it was snow none the less. i got the call at 4am telling me i didn’t have to come into work (perks of being a teacher), so i slept in, drank some coffee, then drove around to take pictures and soak in all the beauty. driving around there were moments i wished so hard that the sun would never show it’s self around here again, but i know i would miss it after some time. although, we are all happy it decided to hide for a little while.

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