what’s in my target cart

November 7, 2016

i know, i know, it’s only november but tell that to target. it’s like christmas threw up in there, and i’m not even 1% mad about it. they get an A+ for their ornaments this year, i pretty much had to buy them all because i couldn’t choose a favorite. i may or may not have already decorated parts of our apartment for christmas. no shame what so ever though, this is my favorite time of the year so i try and make it last as long as possible. hurry go throw some christmas in your cart before i buy it all.

2 thoughts on “what’s in my target cart

  1. Deborah

    Love this post for many reasons.
    The colors in your pictures are beautiful.
    Thank Target for having red carts too 😁
    But it’s also your 1 st apt and you get to decorate it.
    What a memory!!
    And that pillow is perfect

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