where otis goes

September 12, 2017

i have been real into podcasts lately, they’re pretty much all i listen to these days. especially on long drives, they just seem to make the time go by a lot quicker. i’ve accumulated quite a bit of favorites, so i thought i’d share them with you.


the goal digger podcast with jenna kutcher

how i built this

the lively show

stuff you should know


the dirtbag diaries

zero to travel

outside podcast

sounds of the trail


off the vine with kaitlyn bristowe

munchin with mogals

ben & ashley i’s almost famous podcast

beautiful stories from anonymous people

2 thoughts on “where otis goes

  1. Lindsey Moscoso Anderson

    I LOVE Kaitlyn Bristowe!!! I recently started listening to the Lady Gang and Bitch Bible because of her too. I am definitely going to look up beautiful stories from anonymous people! You may also love The Moth story hour – check it out!

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